Fuji Masterpiece Award

FUJIFILM MASTERPIECE AWARDS Rules/ Guidelines for 2017

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, is pleased to announce re launch of the long standing Fujifilm sponsored Masterpiece Award.on August 1, 2017.This award will be available to all members of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), State and District Affiliates in the United States and Canada, as well as, IPC of PPA and National PPA print competitions. 

PPA members who enter print competition and print on Fuji Crystal Archive output materials can receive additional recognition with the new 2017 FUJIFILM Masterpiece Award.  

The award will be available for all State District print competition in the Unit States and Canada.   It is also available to be presented at IPC PPA and National PPA print competition. 

The FUJIFILM Masterpiece Award Program reflects FUJIFILM North America Corporation’s (“Fujifilm”) commitment toward recognizing photographic excellence in the United States.  The FUJIFILM Masterpiece Award represents the highest honor that any photography equipment manufacturer awards for photography, given only to a handful of selected photographers each year.  We are proud to offer this award, and to be working with Professional Photographers of America (“PPA”) to recognize these incredibly distinguished professionals.  


The honored Photographers will be named in a national press release to be issued by Fujifilm.  In addition, the FUJIFILM 2017 Masterpiece Award recipients will receive a crystal trophy, a certificate of award, and lapel pin (aggregate ARV $200).


The FUJIFILM 2017 Masterpiece Award will be awarded to a PPA member residing in the U.S. at the discretion of the local PPA print competition committee to the photographer in each of three (3) separate categories 

  • Wedding, 
  • Portrait 
  • Illustrative

whose printed image work best represents the applicable category and reflects the highest level of professional photography, best meets the criteria for the award and has received a score of 80 or higher on a scale of up to 100. National, regional and state affiliates of PPA are responsible for administering the FUJIFILM 2017 Masterpiece Award program, including soliciting entries, advertising the program, and developing national, regional or state affiliate program rules and terms as necessary. Fujifilm will provide documentation for the identified award winners and upon successful verification will be responsible for coordinating distribution of the award trophy, certificate and lapel pin as referenced below.

The PPA print competitions are to be conducted by PPA at the national, regional and state level during time frames to be determined by the applicable affiliate. The purpose of PPA print competitions is to allow PPA member photographer entrants to demonstrate their art skills and expertise in pursuit of the PPA Master Artist degree (previously known as Master of Electronic Imaging degree). Entries are to be judged by PPA committees for digital, artistic and technical proficiency. Entries may be created using digital or traditional art (such as painting and airbrush) or a combination of both. Through this competition, PPA members are also eligible to achieve PPA Artist Exhibition Merits toward the PPA Master Artist degree. 

Requirements for the submitting photographers are as follows:

  1. The Photographer must certify that the competition print has been made on a FUJIFILM Crystal Archive print material or FUJIFILM Quality Dry Photo Paper in the making of the image. 
  2. The Photographer must be able to confirm the specific, professional color lab that took part in the print making process.
  3. The Photographer must be the sole creator and copyright owner of the image submitted. 
  4. The Photographer must specify which category the print is being entered into for the professional print competition: Portrait, Wedding or Illustrative. 
  5. The Photographer must be in possession of any necessary model releases or third party authorizations for any individuals or third party owned property depicted in the submitted image, and must be able to produce any such releases to Fujifilm upon request. 
  6. The Photographer must agree to license the submitted image for Fujifilm’s use on the Fujifilm website and social media sites, and in Fujifilm trade show booths at various national conventions for a period of 3 years. 

Judges for the PPA’s national and regional print competitions should be selected from among a list of approved and PPA Trained peers in the PPA. At state level, judges may be appointed by the state print competition chair based on experience. The judging committee should generally consist of 5 – 8 judges. 

Scoring should resemble historic scoring of printed images at the PPA regional print competitions, with ranges generally between 65 and 100 points, and printed images scored based on how they meet the 12 Elements of a Merit Image. Generally, the following scale should be used:

100 - 95: Exceptional
94 - 90: Superior
89 - 85: Excellent
84 - 80: Deserving of a Merit 79 - 75: Above Average

74 - 70: Average
69 - 65: Below Exhibition Standards


The honored Photographers will be named in a national press release to be issued by Fujifilm. In addition, the FUJIFILM 2017 Masterpiece Award recipients will receive a crystal glass trophy, a certificate of award, and a lapel pin (aggregate ARV $200). 


Complete the form in the attached link:


I have used a FUJIFILM color paper in the making of this image. I respectfully request that it be considered for a Masterpiece Award in the category of:

Portrait ________                Wedding _______         Illustrative _______

Please adhere this to the back of your qualifying print for Fujifilm Masterpiece Award judging. Minimum Score Required for consideration: 80

Photographer/Artist Name: ____________________________________________________________

Image Title: ______________________________________________________________   Image Score:__________________________

Date: _____________________

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