Fuji Masterpiece Award

FUJIFILM MASTERPIECE AWARDS Rules/ Guidelines for 2017

Fujifilm is proud to honor photographers who strive to create images of excellence and distinction with its prestigious Fujifilm Masterpiece Award. The award is given to the maker of the best image in its category at annual print competitions held by affiliates of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).


The Fujifilm Masterpiece Award Certificate is given to the best image, usuallyindicated by the highest score, in its category at annual print competitions held by PPA affiliates. In 2017 the awards will be given in the United States of America. The image must score at least an 80 out of a potential of 100 points to be eligible for the award. The judges must agree that it best represents the category with the highest level of professional photography.

The image must be printed on Fujicolor Paper. Images that meet all the criteria will be judged for the award. Employees of Fujifilm North America Corporation are not eligible to win the award. There are 2 potential photographic categories for the 2017 competition year; January 1st, 2017 until December 31, 2017:



It is up to the individual PPA affiliates to determine the number of categories that will be judged at their annual print competition.


The Fujifilm Masterpiece Award will be presented to the winners at the respective PPA affiliate annual convention awards banquet where they will receive a certificate that represents their achievement. After they mail in their registration form they will also receive a lapel pin.

All the winning images created with Fujifilm professional film or digital products can be eligible for posting on our web page and for exhibition in our trade show booths at various national trade shows and other conventions.


I have used a FUJIFILM color paper in the making of this image. I respectfully request that it be considered for a Masterpiece Award in the category of:

Portrait ________                Wedding _______         Illustrative _______

Please adhere this to the back of your qualifying print for Fujifilm Masterpiece Award judging. Minimum Score Required for consideration: 80

Photographer/Artist Name: ____________________________________________________________

Image Title: ______________________________________________________________   Image Score:__________________________

Date: _____________________

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