Below are the current GPPA By Laws and the proposed rewrite to be voted on at the Members Meeting on Sunday October 1, 2017 at the Exposed 2017 Retreat.

Since the current bylaws were written over 30 years ago and have been amended in piecemeal format over the years the SOP and Bylaws committee after doing much research have recommended a new set of Bylaws. The current Bylaws need enough changes that it really amounts to a rewrite.  This will update the Bylaws to the benefit of the membership.  These new bylaws take steps to update procedures to current technology, change the structure of the dues payments, and place the membership headings to allow the board of directors the ability to make adjustments as membership needs change.  Please look over the proposed new as well as current bylaws. 

A proxy ballot is attached here if you will not be able to attend the member meeting.

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